Volunteering with ADAM is a rewarding experience for everyone. Our dedicated volunteers are essential parts of African immigrants’ inclusion and integration in the wider community. As an ADAM volunteer you will gain:

  • Knowledge about Africa and the African immigrant communities in the Maritimes
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Appreciation of newcomers’ strengths and challenges
  • Acknowledgement of multiculturalism as richness and a source of economic and strength and well-being for Canada
  • Strong work experience

Available volunteer opportunities:

1) Language Support volunteers:

Language support volunteers help African immigrants in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Help with language development such as  reading, writing, listening, speaking, reading, writing and general conversation skills
  • Assist with women’s health conversation groups
  • Assist with preparation for the NS Drivers’ knowledge test
  • Assist with computer use for communication and information search
  • Be available once a week for two hours each for the period of three months, at least
  • A prior teaching experience will be an asset but not a mandatory

2) Special Events Volunteers:

  • Help with events such as ADAM Christmas Party, Summer BBQs, ADAM’s workshops and annual general meetings, etc.

3) Clerical Volunteers

  • answering phones
  • taking messages, sending or making memos
  • creating labels, preparing envelopes, making signs/brochures
  • entering information into a database (appointments, contact information, records)
  • filing papers, sorting mail, mailing letters and packages
  • setting up meeting rooms

4) Newsletter Editor:

Newsletter editor is needed to coordinate the various aspects of publication of the newsletter. The newsletter is one of the main methods of communication for the members and partners of ADAM. It is published once a month.

  • Receive all articles from staff and partners
  • Review all submissions for content and correct spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.
  • Organize submissions by section and subject. Make a draft layout of the newsletter with estimates of article placements.
  • Proofread typeset copy and make corrections.
  • Send newsletter to Program Coordinator


  • Must be able to commit the time and resources to edit a newsletter once a month
  • Must have excellent writing and editing skills
  • Must have high computer literacy in MS Office applications and graphic design

To apply for any of our volunteer positions, please contact us.

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