Our programs here at ADAM focus on three main components:

  1.  Multiculturalism and the integration of persons of African Descent into mainstream Canadian society
  2. Community education about immigrants of African descent and how their needs can be better met
  3. Providing inter-cultural workshops to facilitate the exchange of information.

Our programs include:

  •  Information & Referral Program
  • Youth Mentorship & Cultural Sensitization Program
  • ADAM Youth Exchange
  • Family Support & Postive Aging Program
  • Mental Health Promotion Program
  • Women’s Health Conversation Group
  • Community programs

Multiculturalism: Various activities offered by ADAM encourage inter-cultural interaction and understanding. Such activities include, but are not limited to, community consultations, cultural awareness presentations with public and private sector organizations, sporting activities and the annual celebration of African Heritage Month.

Research activities: We partner with agencies and individuals for research aimed at understanding issues that affect African immigrants.

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