The goal is to develop a social network for immigrant elders to enhance their access to services through the promotion of volunteer. For the sake of this program, the term

Immigrant elders would be used interchangeably with immigrant seniors. An elder better reflects values and principles that define relationships, roles and responsibilities those immigrant seniors easily identify with.

The promotion of volunteerism is one of the key mandates of the New Horizon of Seniors Program. ADAM Experiences working with immigrant elders in trying to increase access to services reveal that they face language barriers. These barriers discourage participation in volunteer activities. By creating small social network of the people who speak the same language, these barriers could be minimised. The small group discussions among language groups, will focus on specific weakness could be another’s strength.

1 To develop an immigrant Seniors Network that facilitates volunteerism among seniors and other generation.

2 To create linkages with service providers to increase Senior’s access to services.

3 To examine and capture indicators of positive aging achieved through volunteerism within immigrant elder’s community.


We are sorry, this program was discontinued due to lack of funding.

If you would like to help or know someone who can, please contact us.

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