How can I get in touch with people from my country?

Answer => ADAM keeps a contact list of prominent members of our African Diaspora Community and a list of African national organizations in the Maritimes. We will be happy to put you in contact with the appropriate people.

How is ADAM different from INSA?

Answer => ADAM focuses directly on meeting the special needs of immigrants of African Diaspora descent.

How can my children participate in ADAM?

Answer => ADAM provides a number of programs and services for kids and youth. Some of these are Swimming, Library, Soccafrique (Soccer Team), and Youth Exchange Programs.

Can ADAM find me a job?

Answer => Not directly, but we can provide you with a number of job search engines as well as put you in touch with people from our community who work in your field.  They can help you with your job search. In addition, ADAM periodically sends out job notifications to the community members. In order to receive job notifications, you will need to submit your name, number, and email address to ADAM. To do this, select the “Membership” tab and fill out the form.

What do I gain from volunteering with ADAM?

Answer => All volunteers who adhere to ADAM’s policies and ethics have the option to use ADAM as a reference for jobs and you can put your volunteer experience with ADAM as a skill on your resume. In addition, anyone who volunteers with ADAM for one year or more receives a “Certificate of Volunteer Appreciation” from ADAM.  The certificates are presented to eligible volunteers during the “ADAM Annual Volunteer Appreciation Party.”

How can I make a donation to ADAM?

Answer => Donations can simply be made by depositing a check or making a direct deposit at any Scotia Bank branch into the African Diaspora Association of the Maritimes (ADAM) account (no account number needed to do this).  Alternatively, donors can contact the Treasurer directly (see Contact us page) or click on the “Make A Pledge” tab and fill out the “contact me” form and the Treasurer will get in touch.

Is there a membership fee for ADAM? If so how much?

Answer => Currently ADAM does not have a membership. However, in order to continue to provide educational but fun activities for our children and youth, as well as continue with other services, ADAM will implement a minimal annual membership fee in the near future. Once the fee is implemented, an announcement will be posted on the homepage and on the “Membership” tab. Also, notices will be sent to the community to announce the fee.